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We place a high priority on mathematical achievement within our school and have a daily Maths lesson.  These lessons cover a variety of topics, such as shape, space and handling data, but all children developing a good understanding and dexterity with number is our aim.  We then encourage the children to apply what they have learnt in their Maths lessons in practical ways.

In order to ensure that the children develop this numerical dexterity, we place an emphasis on learning number facts, such as number bonds and times tables.  these are regularly practised and tested - often in fun ways like times table bingo.  

Outside of the daily Maths lesson, children also complete their "5 a day" which is where they develop, practise and apply their methods for the four operations - addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.  5 a day enables children to be confident in their understanding of the four operations and means that they always have a method to use, whether that be a number line, grid or the standard methods more familiar to parents.

We try to include problem solving frequently in our lessons, but also have specific investigation sessions so that we can get used to being systematic and applying our knowledge in different ways.

Children can practise their maths skills at home as we subscribe to Sumdog, which offers fun activities and games online.  Last year, some of our children were winners in the Kent Sumdog Challenge.