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Reception (Robins)

A message from the Class Teacher, Miss Roberts

Term 4

Welcome back Robins! I hope you had a lovely half term.

This term our topic is 'Growing.' We will be reading the stories The Tiny Seed, Supertato, Jack and the Beanstalk, How to find a fruit bat and the Gigantic Turnip. Our role plays this term are a greengrocer and a garden centre. We will be investigating plants and growth, fruits and vegetables, as well as discussing healthy eating and doing some planting of our own.

Everyday there will be a mixture of teacher directed activities and child initiated sessions. Activities will take place inside and outside the classroom. We will continue our Forest Friday afternoons this term, so please ensure your child has a warm coat and wellies.

This term we will begin phase 4 phonics. The children will be revising the sounds and tricky words they know and will be encouraged to apply their sounds in their reading and writing. They will continue to be encouraged to write words using their phonic knowledge, and also be encouraged to attempt to write sentences using correct punctuation. We will also continue handwriting lessons, practising writing letters in a cursive formation.

Please continue to listen to your child read and practise their sounds/words regularly and write in their reading record when you read with your child to let us know how you feel they are getting on.

In maths, the children will be learning about recognising and ordering numbers to 20, subtraction, doubling and ordinal numbers. They will also be learning about height (ordering in height, non-standard measure and using the correct vocabulary) and recording and measuring time.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about your child’s learning or well-being. Thank-you

Robins Timetable


This term our topic is Growing. Look at all the fun we have had!

We read "The Tiny Seed" and planted our own tiny seeds! We labelled plants, talked about what plants needed to grow, and wrote instructions on how to plant a seed. We are looking forward to watching our seeds grow into Marigolds!





We have been reading "Supertato"! The evil pea visited our classroom and trapped the vegetables! We made our own Super Vegetables and Supertato's to help rescue them! Look at our amazing writing about their superpowers!







 World Book Day



Beep Beep Day

Robin's class learnt all about road safety! We sequenced pictures of how to cross the road safely, wrote about what we must do to be safe when crossing a road, and made traffic light biscuits!



Science Week

During science week we had lots of fun! We were looking at change. We mixed colours together to see what new colours they made, we made gloop using cornflour and we found out about flowers and did an experiment. In this experiment we put flowers into coloured water, to see what changes might happen. We predicted that the petals would change the colour of the water, and that this would happen because the water would go into the stem (great prediction from Darcy.) We were right!

Forest Friday

Forest Friday is the highlight of our week!