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Reception (Robins)

A message from the Class Teacher, Miss Roberts

 Anti - Bullying Week  

This week we started a new book Blue Penguin. Blue Penguin is treated differently and left out by the other penguins because he is blue.

We made a freeze frame of one of the pictures from the book and talked about the facial expressions of both Blue Penguin and the other penguins. We talked about how Blue Penguin must feel, and how it isn't kind to treat anybody that way.

Will received  a Wonderful Work certificate for his work, where he has used his phonic knowledge to write that blue penguin must feel "sad" and "scared." 


 Blue Penquin Wonderful work          Blue Penquin Wonderful work 2


 Term 2 2017

 Welcome back Robins! I hope you had a great half term and are ready for the new term!

This term our topics are ‘Celebrations’ and ‘Winter’. We will be finding out about Halloween, Bonfire night and discussing our own personal celebrations and achievements. In the lead up to Christmas we will be looking at winter stories and finding out about winter animals and, of course, how we celebrate Christmas!

Everyday there will be a mixture of teacher directed activities and child initiated sessions. Activities will take place inside and outside the classroom. We will continue our Forest Friday afternoons this term, so please ensure your child has a warm coat and wellies.

The children did so well last term in phase 2 phonics and this term we will be beginning phase 3 phonics. They will continue to be encouraged to write the sounds they can hear in words, and practise letter shapes and match letters to their sounds, so that they can use them in their reading and writing. They will also be learning to spell a handful of 'tricky words' (words we cannot sound out).

Please listen to your child read and practise their sounds/words regularly and write in their reading record when you read with your child to let us know how you feel they are getting on.

In maths, the children will be continuing to develop their number recognition and have opportunities to solve simple problems. They will be practising their careful counting, counting two groups of objects altogether, ordering numbers to 10/20 and looking at 2D shapes and repeating patterns.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about your child’s learning or well-being. Thank-you