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Year 1 & 2 (Swallows)

A Message from the Class Teachers, Mrs  Blake, Mrs  Metcalfe and Mrs Taylor

Term 2  2017

Dear Parents

Welcome back! We hope you all had a relaxing half term. This term is an exciting one for the children as we enter the realms of Christmas!  The Nativity play will be with us before we know it!  We have an exciting visit lined up to the Gulbenkian, the Nativity and lots more Christmas events to look forward to.


Of course, it’s not all about Christmas! We left last term with the children making good progress towards their end of term targets in both English and Maths.  It is really important that you support your child as much as possible at home with daily reading, Kirfs, spellings and homework where possible.


In class, we will be continuing to do daily phonics lessons and begin learning spelling rules. It is still acceptable, at this stage, to be writing phonetically but we would like to see the Year 2 children, in particular, beginning to show an understanding of the rules of spelling.


In English this term we will be looking at a range of texts including texts from different countries, picture books and chapter books. Our focus will be on writing and in particular our spelling, punctuation and grammar.


In Maths we will be moving on to Shape, Space and Measure, this will include skills linked to time, measurement, data handling and shape. We will continue our 5 a day maths and will focus on our Key Instant Recall Facts (KIRFs) on a daily basis.  This term you will receive a new set of Kirfs for your child to learn at home.  These will be tested every Wednesday in school.  The idea is that your child beats their own score each week.  We will also be testing rapid recall of basic number facts in our Big Maths sessions every Friday.  This is a fun maths session where we record the speed of your child’s number recall.  Once again, this isn’t a competition, it’s a chance for your child to beat their score from the previous week.


We will be continuing on our topic of Turrets and Tiaras. Looking at Kings and Queens and continuing to explore interesting historical buildings in our local area to inspire a range of activities including artwork and design.  We will be investigating the geographical features of the locations of some of these old buildings and finding out what it would have been like to have lived there many years ago.


The children will be having a weekly music lesson during which they will all be encouraged to join in with singing action songs as well as using percussion instruments to create a range of effects. They will, of course, be learning the songs and actions to our Christmas play.  


In Science, we will be redesigning Paddington’s clothing. Investigating different materials and understanding why some materials are better than others.


The children will take part in Physical Education lessons twice a week. This term the children will be continuing to learning new skills for ball games, focussing on teamwork and spatial awareness.  We will also be learning some new yoga moves and begin some relaxation techniques.


Homework will be based around the learning that has taken place in class during the week. This shouldn’t be a chore but it should be a demonstration of what your child can do independently. We will alternate between Maths and English each week.  The English will be mostly based around Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling (GPS) and the Maths will concentrate on the Year 1/2 KIRFs.  If you have any concerns about homework, please don’t hesitate to come and discuss it.  On top of the weekly homework, we will expect the children to be reading daily.  Where possible, we will endeavour to hear your child regularly, this might be through a Guided Reading activity.  


We will be taking a slightly different approach to spelling this term. For Year 1, we will be continuing to learn our tricky words and words that relate to our phoneme learning in phonics.  For Year 2, we will be focusing on Spelling rules, this could be anything from applying prefixes such as ‘dis’ to a word to learning the ‘doubling a consonant’ rule.  We are aware that some children have visited some of last term’s spellings previously, however, it is not just about gaining 100% in a test but more about spelling the words correctly in their writing over a period of time, hence why we encourage over learning of some regular words.


We are all looking forward to another exciting term. Please feel free to come and see us should you have any concerns about your child.


Mrs Metcalfe, Mrs Blake and Mrs Taylor.