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Year 3 & 4 (Owls)

A message from Miss Elvy.

Happy New Year to you all and welcome back. I am looking forward to meeting you again and working alongside you. This term’s topic focus will be about Romans and their impact on Britain. We will be finding out about how trade and society changed as a result of the Roman invasion, famous landmarks that remain and how different areas of the country reacted to the arrival of the Romans.

Swimming will continue this term, but term 3 is the final term for this sport. We will also continue to have an additional PE session on Thursday afternoons. We cannot allow, for safety reasons, any ear rings to be worn for these sessions.

Our Maths focus this term is multiplication and division. This will focus on the confident use of standard methods and applying these skills into a range of contexts to ensure an embedded understanding.

Our book for English sessions will be, ‘The Lost Happy Endings’ by Carol Ann Duffy. We are continuing to use the high quality resources and approaches of CLPE’s The Power of Reading. Spelling, punctuation and grammar will continue to be a key focus with the application of these skills into independent writing, stimulated through discussion, role play and drama.

Our Science topic will be ‘Plants’ and our RE learning will continue to be about the religion of Christianity. Our Art sessions will link to both detailed, observational drawings of plants as well as Roman styles of decoration. Weekly music sessions will continue to be provided by the talented Mrs Blake!

A Message from the Class Teacher, Miss Woodruff


Science Week

We have been having a great time doing science week this week. We have done lot of different investigations and experiments to hone our science skills and we have loved getting messy and learning lots.

Monday: Changing Colours

We went outside and gathered up items from the natural environment to find out what colours exist in nature at this time of year. We found that it was mostly brown, orange, green and yellow. This became our colour palette for the day! We wrote a description of the world around us based on these colours and we made a bar chart in maths to show what we found out. In the afternoon, we used our colour palette to create some beautiful artwork which will come home soon.


Tuesday: Changing Weather and Investigating

We went outside (in the cold and the rain!) and blew bubbles! This was fun, but also scientific, as it allowed us to determine the wind direction. We had to use a compass to find North and then work out which way our bubbles were blowing. Some of us even worked out the wind speed by using a timer as well.

Our job that morning was to be a scary predator and eat all the wiggly worms! We found that the green worms were the hardest to find because they were the same colour as the grass - they were camouflaged too well! We then wrote a story from the point of view of the worm. Not all of us survived ...

We also tried out investigations to see if the person with the longest legs could jump the furthest, and if the person with the biggest feet had the biggest stride. As a whole, we rather disproved those theories!


Wednesday: Changing States

Today was all about watching things change! We spent lots of the day making bread, seeing how the ingredients become the finished product. We changed each recipe slightly so we could compare how it looked and tasted at the end. It turns out we really like salty bread!

We also investigated what happens when you add food colouring to milk and then add washing up liquid. It was amazing to watch the colours spread out across the plates and change. We tried out different milks to see if there was a different effect and got some surprisingly different results!

We explored the mystery of cornflour and found out that it is neither a solid nor a liquid! This was really fun to explore but also very messy!

Still to come this week: Blowing up balloons using popping candy, researching famous scientists and making rubber balls! Stay tuned!


Term 2 2017

 Welcome to Owls Class! 

Important information:

Thursday: PE lessons outside with Adam (outdoor shoes needed)

Friday: Swimming at Simon Langton (swimming kit needed)

Homework: Set and tested every Friday (bring your book!)

Welcome back! I hope you have had a fun half term and are raring to get learning again. Thank you for all your fantastic Viking homework projects. I have had a lovely time reading your research and stories and admiring your creations. All your homework is on display around Owls classroom and it looks amazing because of the hard work you put in. Your Viking shields are also up – nobody will dare invade the classroom this term!

We are continuing our work on Vikings this term as well. In English, we will be reading a book all about the Viking gods and we will find out more about them in Topic lessons too. Those of you who already did some research on the gods will be able to share your knowledge with the class!

In Maths we are moving on from our focus on understanding number and will be using numbers to add, subtract, multiply and divide. This will give us strong methods to help us solve problems. Practise these at home to get really good.

Science is all about animals, including humans! We will be looking at different life cycles, how animals are adapted to their environments and learning about food chains. Words like predator, producer and omnivore will pop up so get your thinking caps on to work out what it all means. Our school wide science focus this term is Changes. What changes can you spot in the weather or technology? We want to know! There is a big board up in the corridor for you to share your ideas.

Our RE lessons are going to be based around Christianity, particularly inspirational figures in the Bible. Of course, we will also think about Christmas when it gets a little nearer the time!

We will continue to have violin lessons with Mrs Blake and we will also be going swimming for five weeks this term. You are all doing brilliantly with your music and confidence in the pool so keep it up.


Term 1 2017

We have made a brilliant start to the year already in the first week back! We have learned about kennings, started our 5-A-Day, tried out some fun tricks in ICT and found out what 'magnetic' means. It has been lovely see faces old and new and we are looking forward to a fun year ahead.

Our English lessons this term are going to be based around The Crow's Tale by Naomi Howarth. This is a beautiful book that offers us a chance to build up our descriptive language.

 Image result for the crows tale ebook


In Maths we are going to focus very strongly on number. We need to have a good knowledge of place value so that we can add, subtract, multiply and divide well.

Science is all about forces and magnets. We will be doing different experiments to find out how magnets work and what they are useful for. 

RE is based around Judaism. We are going to revise the story of Moses and find out what happened to the Israelites.

Our Topic is the Vikings! We will be having fun finding out what they looked like, where they were from, how they travelled and we are hoping to go on a school trip to find out how they lived as well. Look out for a letter about that soon.

We are looking forward to a great year in Owls!


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A group of owls is called a parliament.

Owls can turn their heads as much as 270 degrees.
Owls do not make nests
Let us know more facts to post onto the website.