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Year 3 & 4 (Owls)

A Message from the Class Teacher, Miss Woodruff

Term 2 2017

 Welcome to Owls Class! 

Important information:

Thursday: PE lessons outside with Adam (outdoor shoes needed)

Friday: Swimming at Simon Langton (swimming kit needed)

Homework: Set and tested every Friday (bring your book!)

Welcome back! I hope you have had a fun half term and are raring to get learning again. Thank you for all your fantastic Viking homework projects. I have had a lovely time reading your research and stories and admiring your creations. All your homework is on display around Owls classroom and it looks amazing because of the hard work you put in. Your Viking shields are also up – nobody will dare invade the classroom this term!

We are continuing our work on Vikings this term as well. In English, we will be reading a book all about the Viking gods and we will find out more about them in Topic lessons too. Those of you who already did some research on the gods will be able to share your knowledge with the class!

In Maths we are moving on from our focus on understanding number and will be using numbers to add, subtract, multiply and divide. This will give us strong methods to help us solve problems. Practise these at home to get really good.

Science is all about animals, including humans! We will be looking at different life cycles, how animals are adapted to their environments and learning about food chains. Words like predator, producer and omnivore will pop up so get your thinking caps on to work out what it all means. Our school wide science focus this term is Changes. What changes can you spot in the weather or technology? We want to know! There is a big board up in the corridor for you to share your ideas.

Our RE lessons are going to be based around Christianity, particularly inspirational figures in the Bible. Of course, we will also think about Christmas when it gets a little nearer the time!

We will continue to have violin lessons with Mrs Blake and we will also be going swimming for five weeks this term. You are all doing brilliantly with your music and confidence in the pool so keep it up.


Term 1 2017

We have made a brilliant start to the year already in the first week back! We have learned about kennings, started our 5-A-Day, tried out some fun tricks in ICT and found out what 'magnetic' means. It has been lovely see faces old and new and we are looking forward to a fun year ahead.

Our English lessons this term are going to be based around The Crow's Tale by Naomi Howarth. This is a beautiful book that offers us a chance to build up our descriptive language.

 Image result for the crows tale ebook


In Maths we are going to focus very strongly on number. We need to have a good knowledge of place value so that we can add, subtract, multiply and divide well.

Science is all about forces and magnets. We will be doing different experiments to find out how magnets work and what they are useful for. 

RE is based around Judaism. We are going to revise the story of Moses and find out what happened to the Israelites.

Our Topic is the Vikings! We will be having fun finding out what they looked like, where they were from, how they travelled and we are hoping to go on a school trip to find out how they lived as well. Look out for a letter about that soon.

We are looking forward to a great year in Owls!


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A group of owls is called a parliament.

Owls can turn their heads as much as 270 degrees.
Owls do not make nests
Let us know more facts to post onto the website.