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Year 5 & 6 (Woodpeckers)

A Message from the Class Teacher, Mr Allen

 Term 3

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas holidays and New Year celebrations. Let’s start 2018 with more of the great work we saw in 2017!

 In English, we are going to be looking at the story ‘The Midnight Fox’ by Betsy Byars. Our writing from this will link to our topic of this term, as well as focus on improving our editing skills for our Big Writes. The children have been provided with word lists for the school year, their weekly spelling tests will come from these.

The Maths focus for this term is on measurement. This includes conversions, areas and perimeters. There will also be a focus on our reasoning and problem solving throughout our lessons, including using multi-step problems.

In Science this term, our focus will be on Earth and space. We will look at the Earth’s orbit and that of the moon whilst learning about the other planets in our solar system.

 Our Topic sessions will be centred on Modern History. This term will focus on how different areas of entertainment and leisure activities (such as toys, holidays, films etc.) have changed since the Victorian times to the present day.

 In RE, the class will continue to look at how Religion is used today and will be discussing our views on its representation.

 PE sessions will be on Thursday and Friday afternoons and please ensure PE kits and trainers are brought into school on those days.

 Continuing term 2

 In Science week, Woodpeckers have been undertaking a number of investigations. We continued to look at forces and materials to see how much weight a piece of paper and cardboard could each hold.

We have also braved the cold and used bubbles to detect the direction of the wind. We then worked out the wind speed using our own results

Initially in pairs, we researched information on a scientist and then worked in small groups to share our research. We then created a poster to represent our respective scientists.



Term 2 2017

I hope everyone is feeling well rested for the new term!

 In English, we are going to be looking at factual writing this term. This includes writing our own newspaper articles, diary entries and recounts.

We will be concentrating on the use of fractions this term in Maths. We will be focusing on how to simplify fractions, equivalent fractions and using them with number and measurements.

In Science, we will continue our investigation of forces including water resistance. We will be looking at how we use these forces including levers and pulleys.

 Ancient Egypt will remain our focus in our Topic sessions and we will continue to look into the history and geography. This will include looking at the River Nile and its uses as well as Pharaohs and the pyramids.

 In RE, the class will be looking at Christianity where we will be looking into the Bible and how it is used before we concentrate on the Christmas story.

 PE sessions will be on Thursday and Friday afternoons. Please ensure all PE kits are brought in for both sessions.